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Dynamic Profile Folder


Using wildcard

Sometimes, you may need to synchronize some similar sub folders in a directory. For example, you have folder structure like:


And, you want to upload all folder starts with "pic_0001" to FTP server. An obvious option is to add all of them to profile. But it takes time and sometimes it's not even workable when they grow every day.

With Dynamic Folder, you can simply use path like "c:\myfiles\pic_0001*". FTP Synchronizer will automatically pickup all folders start with "pic_0001" in "c:\myfiles\". So, if you have following settings:

Local Folder: c:\myfiles\pic_0001*
Remote Folder: /myfiles/

You'll actually have two profile folders like:

Local Folder: c:\myfiles\pic_0001_2012
Remote Folder: /myfiles/pic_0001_2012

Local Folder: c:\myfiles\pic_0001_2013
Remote Folder: /myfiles/pic_0001_2013



  • You only need to put the filters to path of Local Folder or Remote Folder, but not both.
  • To use multiple filters, please separate them by ";". e.g. "c:\myfiles\pic_0001*;pic_0002*".


Using number

If you have folders contains number. e.g. picture-0001, picture-0002, picture-0003...etc. You can also use folder path like picture-<0001-0009>. Then, the profile folder will be expanded to: picture-0001, picture-0002...picture-0009.


Local Folder: c:\myfiles\picture-<01-09>
Remote Folder: /myfiles/

You'll actually have profile folders like:

Local Folder: c:\myfiles\picture-01
Remote Folder: /myfiles/picture-01

Local Folder: c:\myfiles\picture-02
Remote Folder: /myfiles/picture-02


Local Folder: c:\myfiles\picture-09
Remote Folder: /myfiles/picture-09

Using variables

You can use pre-defined and system variables in the profile folder. More information about variables, please click here


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