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How to synchronize files between two FTP servers?


There are three options:

  1. Use our Syncbear service (*Recommended)

    You simply specify the connection and folder information for both sites and that's it. It will keep two sites in sync automatically. You even don't need to install anything on your own computer. It's an online service.

    For more information, please visit https://www.syncbear.com

  2. Install FTP Synchronizer on one of the servers.

  3. If one of the servers is running Windows system and you have permission to do that, FTP Synchronizer will work for you without problem. Just like normal local and remote sync.

  4. Use local computer as a 'swap'

  5. For example: There are two folders: folder_a and folder_b in site_a and site_b respectively and you want to keep the two folders in sync. Here are what you should do:

    1) Install FTP Synchronizer on local computer.
    2) Create a folder, e.g. swap_folder, on local computer as the swap space.
    3) Add a profile, e.g. site_a_to_swap_folder. You can update site_a to swap folder with this profile.
    4) Add another profile, e.g. swap_folder_to_site_b. You should update swap folder to site_b with this profile.

    After running the two profiles, the site_a and site_b will be synchronized.


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