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Customizable log file

FTP Synchronizer allows you to customize the log entries. It supports following tags:

Tag Description
%TIME% or %T% The time the file was synced
%ACTION% or %ACT% File action, e.g. Update remote file, Add Local Folder...etc
%RESULT% or %RET% File sync result. "OK" or an error message
%DIR% The directory of target file. e.g. /users/backup/ or d:\backup\
%FILENAME% or %FN% The target file name
%FILESIZE% or %FS% The source file size
%FILESIZEBYTES% or %FSB% The source file size in bytes
%TAB% A tab character

As default, the entry format is:


For examle:

6/18/2019 11:33:25 PM [Add Remote File] [OK] /users/lewistian/test/folder1/New Text Document.txt

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