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How to run FTP Synchronizer from command line?

You can run FTP Synchronizer from command line. It's ideal if you want to schedule FTP Synchronizer or integrate FTP Synchronizer with you business workflow.

The easiest way to generate the command line is to click the "Tool->Command Line "

If you want to do it yourself, please read following instructions.

For example:
<installation directory>ftpsynchronizer.exe /PROFILE:"Profile 1" /PROFILE:"Profile 2" /NOLOG

As you saw, there only two types of parameters:
1) /PROFILE:"<profile-name>"
It means that which profile you want to run. You can specify multiple profiles. FTP Synchronizer will execute them one by one. If you want to run all profiles, please simply use "/ALLPROFILE" .

As there is no UI to show the status of profile. FTP Synchronizer enables the log file as default even if the log of the profile is disabled. You can specify this switch if you really don't need the log.


1) The profile name is case insensitive
2) You need to enclose the profile with quotation marks
3) The parameters NOLOG and PROFILE must be capital

Some examples:
ftpsynchronizer.exe /PROFILE:"Profile 1"
Run "profile1" and save the log as normal

ftpsynchronizer.exe /PROFILE:"Profile 1" /PROFILE:"profile 2" /NOLOG
Run "profile1" and "profile 2" , but don't save profile log.


Command Line Return Value

The command line returns 0 if no error occurred. Other value indicates an error. Please check the log file for detail error info or receive the email notification.


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