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Normally, when a file is changed, the whole file will be synchronized. Even if you just added a single byte. It's a total waste of time and bandwidth. Block Level Sync only copies changed part, not the whole file. It will improve the sync performance significantly.

Normal sync

Normal Sync

When a file is changed, the whole file will be synchronized even if the source file changed a single byte. It's a total waste of time and bandwidth!


Block-Level Sync

Only changed part will be synchronized. You can image that how much time and bandwidth you can save for 100 MB files, 1 GB files.


How can I know whether it actually works?

Except that you can feel the sync process completes much more faster, you can also see different info in log file:

12/29/2013 10:35:34 PM [Update Local File] [OK] d:\temp\arrow_xxx\AdobeAIRInstaller.exe (Block level transfer copied 138 KB of 17.2 MB)


We also did several tests so you can know how fast it can be:

  • FTP Synchronizer and server is connected via Wifi, speed limits to 500KB/second
  • Local and remote files are same, then we added a single byte at the beginning of each local files
  Block-Level Sync Disabled Block-Level Sync Enabled Time saved
10MB 23 seconds 3 seconds 87%
50MB 115 seconds 9 seconds 92%
100MB 228 seconds 21 seconds 91%


How can I use block level FTP sync?

There are two things you need to do:

  1. Make sure you installed the latest version of FTP Synchronizer. This feature is only available in v6 and newer.

  2. Replace your current FTP server software with our Rock FTP Server. RockFTP server is a full features FTP server software with block-level transfer supported. If you don't want to abandon your current server software, you can let Rock FTP Server to listen on a different port so they can work together.


So, why don't you Buy RockFTP Server and enjor the wonderful block-level sync feature right now?




  • Block level sync only works when a file is large than 10KB
  • Rock FTP serve is a standard FTP server, it also works with other FTP client.
  • Rock FTP Server is our product. You can get the same level of technical support like FTP Synchronizer. (online chat, email, remote support...etc)


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