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We are using second reseller option, how can I generate license code?

Manual Key Generation

If you want to generate the license code manually, please login to Reseller Control Panel. If you want to generate the key automatically and integrate it to your current work flow, please read on.

Automatic Key Generation

We'll provide you a link to you, then you can retrieve licenses very easily from your script/program by simply "visit" the URL. Here are the possible parameters:

(Replace xx with real values when you invoke the URL)

*reselleremail Your contact email
*pwd Password we sent to you
*firstName The first name of your customer
*lastName The last name of your customer
*email The email address of your customer
qty License quantity the customer purchased, the default is 1 if it's not specified
edition Which license do you want to generate? It has two possible values: pro and ent for Professional and Enterprise editions. This option is optional if you only purchased one type of license.
testMode If you want to test the registration process, append it and set it to "Y": "testMode=Y". In testing mode, all messages will be sent to your reselleremail instead of customer's email address

Error Handling

There is something wrong if the result starts with "ERR_", otherwise no error occurred. Possible returning values are:

ERR_PARAM_NO_RESELLEREMAIL No reseller email is specified
ERR_PARAM_NO_PASSWORD No password is specified
ERR_PARAM_NO_QUANTITY No quantity is specified
ERR_PARAM_NO_FIRSTNAME No customer's first name is specified
ERR_PARAM_NO_LASTNAME No customer's last name is specified
ERR_PARAM_NO_EMAIL No customer's email address is specified
ERR_PARAM_PWD_SAMEAS_OLD Tried to update password, but new password is same as old
ERR_PARAM_WRONG_EDITION Edition specified but it's wrong. Possible values are pro or ent
ERR_UPDATE_PWD_FAILED Unable to update password. The string contains detail error information
ERR_WRONG_PASSWORD The password is wrong
ERR_NO_ENOUGH_LICENSE There isn't enough license to generate, you should buy more.
ERR_NO_RESELLER_FOUND The reseller email you specified doesn't exist or you specified wrong edition type
OK_PWD_UPDATED Password updated successfully


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to work with you!

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